Funding in Grammar Schools - Bridging the Gap

Tuesday November 7th saw the inaugural round table workshop at Hutt & Co, we invited heads of some of the UK's leading grammar schools to come along to share their experiences of fundraising and share some of the best practise in today's environment.

Financial pressures on grammar schools are at a critical point. Parents recognise and understand the financial squeeze in the sector, noting that schools are underfunded. This represents a key opportunity for fundraising. The big question is how schools respond.

Parent’s expectations of a grammar school education are high both in terms of anticipation of examination results and value added in extracurricular opportunities at schools.

The group discussed some of the fundraising options available ranging from annual funds, monthly giving to capital fundraising campaigns and the importance of the school engagement in the process. A key element of the discussion was around the role of the Headteacher vs a Development Director and how these could and should work together. 

It was agreed that whatever the route taken that the key person to spearhead a campaign is the Headteacher and that their involvement is key to the success of any campaign.

In conclusion schools are under unprecedented financial pressure. This is widely recognised and creates a receptive donor base to approach for fundraising support. Schools should identify the need, communicate this to potential donors, identify the right fundraising option and through their commitment to this, achieve a successful campaign to deliver benefits to pupils.