Why The Feasibility Study?

The most important piece of work that we undertake for our clients is an in-depth Feasibility Study. In fact, we will never embark on a fundraising campaign or initiative without one as it protects us and most importantly our clients!

 Why You Need a Study? 

 The objective of a Study is so much wider than just determining the target and the appetite for a capital campaign. A Study allows you to evaluate valuable views of your community, both internal and external, confidentially. 

 The Importance of an Independent Study 

 Your community will be much more at ease talking to independent consultants with no connection to your organisation. Interviewees will be happier to talk and will talk openly and honestly about the potential project, rather than telling you what they think you want to hear.

 The Wider Benefits of a Study 

An in-depth Study will not only establish the need, desire and potential for a capital campaign in your organisation but will also cement relationships within your community.

Participating interviewees will feel honoured to be invited to contribute, they willwant to know that their thoughts and opinions matter to your organisation.  Indeed we often find that interviewees, after participating in the Study, go on to become your strongest advocates.

 Listen to Views on your Project

 A Study will drive out honest feedback about the importance of the project, a study will determine if there is capacity and the capability within the community to support the project. Does your community truly believe that your project is both compelling and urgent?  Can the funds be raised within your community? 

 Identifying Leaders

 The most important outcome of a Study is the identification of your campaign leaders who will champion your cause. They will help shape and deliver your campaign if the Study outcome is positive. 

 Ultimately you can use a Feasibility Study as a strategic tool to learn more about your community and potential donors; it can create excitement for the potential project. 

 Whatever the outcome of the Study, the outputs will offer invaluable insights into your organisation, your supporters and will offer a roadmap for future development plans.