The Importance of Body Language in Making an Ask

Language is a more recent form of communication, your indirect connection with anyone is first through your eyes, mannerisms, body language, energy and enthusiasm. How well you authentically communicate via your actions vs verbal and oral speech will determine buy-in from the recipient

Only 7% of communication is verbal – a whopping 55% is your body language and eye contact! 

Eye contact. It is one of the first levels of connection with a person. Think about your reaction to someone who does not look you in the eye. It is a way of showing you are listening, demonstrates your confidence and shows how sincere you are.

Facial expressions. Too often people forget that facial expressions are critical to competent communication, are you scowling, take a moment to check yourself, practice in front of a mirror. Smile early and often, it shows positive energy and confidence

Posture. Your posture says a lot about who you are and whether you should be taken seriously.  Stand tall to communicate confidence and professionalism, even while sitting posture conveys a huge amount about your mindset and commitment. Sit towards the front of your chair and lean in for the ask.            

Gestures. Gestures are an extension of communication whose purpose is to enhance verbal communication, they add impact by showing confidence and demonstrate credibility.

The Tone of your voice …listen to your voice’s inflections, speed of your speech and tone.  If your voice inflects to a higher pitch at the end of your sentences like you are asking a question you will not sound confident or credible.

And remember your visit should be 25% talking and 75% listening.