Our offer

Hutt & Co brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our clients and this is combined with a passion for their success.

Our approach is flexible. At a strategic level, we can help develop your long-term vision and set out an achievable masterplan.

Alternatively, we can fully manage a capital campaign or, if more appropriate, we can mentor and guide your in-house team and oversee their progress.


feasibility studies

The first step for most clients is a Feasibility Study.  The aim is to clarify the fundraising narrative, confirm your fundraising target and test both.

The Feasibility Study ensures that there is buy-in from your community, sets achievable fundraising targets and identifies major donors.  Importantly, it identifies those fundraising leaders who will champion your cause.

capital campaigns

Capital fundraising is most effective for specific projects where there is a sense of urgency and a compelling need.  It runs over a specific time-frame and relies on a more direct and focused approach than operational fundraising.  Hutt & Co works with you to plan your campaign and train your volunteers in capital fundraising techniques.

strategic development and planning

Hutt and Co brings an objective point of view to help crystalise long-term development goals, identify priorities and phased activities and ensures they are supported by your organisation’s community.


mentoring and coaching

Working alongside organisations' leaders, Hutt & Co offers a fresh perspective to existing practices, contributing innovative ideas and aiding the development of additional skills as well as acting as an independent sounding-board.

fundraising workshops 

At our Leamington Spa offices, Hutt & Co regularly run fundraising workshops offering participants the ideal opportunity to share their aspirations and challenges.

Topics are always current and pertinent ranging from new legislation and best practice to the essentials of successful fundraising techniques.