Target smashed! Hutt & Co helped Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, a state grammar school in Sutton Coldfield, to raise more than £1 million - 30 per cent over the initial target set to create a new Teaching Block.

The construction of the 12-classroom STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics) block is currently due for completion in 2016.

Head, Dom Robson, and the Governing Body appointed Hutt & Co to conduct an in-depth feasibility study having attended one the company’s workshops.   

The results demonstrated a high level of potential support and Hutt & Co was engaged to both direct and manage the campaign during the 2014/15 academic year.  


By the end of June 2015, the campaign had far surpassed its target and, as a result, the school’s bid for government funding was also successful.

Dom said: "From the start, Hutt & Co were confident that we could raise £750,000. When we began there were many doubters. But, we stuck to Hutt & Co’s plan and trusted their advice. With their support, our campaign board’s committed leadership and hard work all round, we made it happen.“

“We now look on to reach an impressive £1.1 million, “ he added.